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Nomination Form

College Advisors at high schools in the Los Angeles area may use this site to nominate students who qualify for the Milken Scholars Program. The deadline for nominations is December 8, 2017. As a reminder, the criteria for selection for the Program are as follows:

  • Minimum grade point average of 3.6 (unweighted) or 90 in all academic high school subject areas;
  • Minimum composite SAT I Reasoning score of 1250 with results submitted for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math, or a minimum ACT score of 28 (These scores may be a combination from multiple sitting);
  • Active participation in community service activities;
  • A record of leadership;
  • Financial or other obstacles;
  • Admission to a four-year college or university prior to final selection; and
  • United States Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

While not a prerequisite for selection, please be aware that many of the students selected for the Program are students who do not have a parent or guardian who graduated from a four-year college or university in the United States. We believe that such first-generation U.S. college students will benefit most from the resources provided by the Milken Scholars Program.

We strongly encourage you to fill out this form on-line and send it to us electronically. You may also download the form as a PDF, print it and send it to us by fax at (310) 570-4751.

Please fill out the form completely, pay special attention to the required fields ( marked by an * ), and submit each student's nomination only once. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to or call us at (800) 654-5675. Every school is encouraged to nominate up to 15 students.

Thank you once again for your support of the Milken Scholars Program.

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